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The Sourcing Solution

Nextier Sourcing introduces you to the Formosa Plastics Group.  FPG is a global conglomerate exceeding $79B USD and is one of the largest petrochemical manufacturers in the world.

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Vertical Integration

FPG's central manufacturing philosophy is to vertically integrate as many processes as possible under their wide ranging business entities. This allows them to control their own supply chain, manage costs, and meet quality and delivery expectations.

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Phase 1 Formosa

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to maintaining large scale manufacturing operations across the world, FPG has prioritized their role as Good Corporate Citizens.

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Farm Land

Manufacturing Innovation

While providing the world with thousands of products every day, FPG has not lost sight of the future. They are taking a leading role in developing and implementing an Industrial 4.0 strategy. Key cornerstones of this strategy include integrating Artificial Intelligence and Automation into the manufacturing process, creating “Lights Out” factories.

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Global Sourcing

Nextier Sourcing and FPG, along with their subsidiary Nan Ya Plastics, have been working closely together since 1984. Our decades of experience allow us to seamlessly integrate into your supply chain - making your experience of global buying as easy as doing business next door.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Vertical Integration

Global Reach

Formosa & Nan Ya

Founded in 1954, Formosa is a trusted name in international manufacturing. With more than 110,000 employees worldwide and a 2018 revenue of $79B USD (total assets $135B USD), Formosa's organization can fit scaled needs for business around the globe. With over 100 subsidiaries in its vertical integration network, Formosa is its own core supplier for many production needs. FPG runs manufacturing operations in the USA, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

Formosa and Nan Ya have a history of outstanding corporate citizenship. They invest in green power and circular economies. FPG has founded tech institutes, universities, nursing schools, and Asia's largest medical network.

  • 2018 Revenue: $78b (US)
  • Nan Ya Founded in 1958
  • Operations in US: NJ, SC, Louisiana, and Texas
  • Nextier & Nan Ya Relationship since 1984
  • Global Products with Global Reach

Our Products

Advanced / Engineered Resins

Durable, temperature-resistant, easy-to-mold performance plastics.

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PU/PVC Leather

Long-wearing, environmentally-friendly vegan leather products.

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Rigid PVC Films

Thermoplastic polymers with high impact and temperature resistance.

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Thermal Protection

High-performance fire extinguisher blankets, welding blankets, insulation, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Industry Services








Mass Transportation

Consumer Products


The Nextier Sourcing Solution

Whatever your business, you are going to want answers and you are going to want them fast. Our bilingual global team has been integrated into Nan Ya for decades. Our customers get the responses they need accurately and on time. 

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Corporate Citizenship

Innovation isn’t limited to manufacturing - our commitment is to a larger set of goals.



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