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Who We Are

Nextier Sourcing's Team has been connecting and supporting Global OEMs, and their manufacturing partners with Nan Ya and FPG since 1984.

Our Leadership

About Nextier Sourcing

Simplicity, quality, and experience are all in Nextier Sourcing’s DNA. Over the past 30 years, we’ve mastered international sourcing and the logistics of connecting Asian manufacturing with U.S. brands, large Western OEMs, and companies around the globe. We partner with suppliers we can trust and stand behind. Nan Ya Plastics and Formosa Plastics Group each have an outstanding track record of quality products and a history of sustainability, community development, and innovation. Their state of the art factories use high-tech manufacturing processes for high-value products. Our 100+ years of collective experience streamline the process of getting these products to you.

Global Sourcing, Simplified

We’re the next level in global sourcing. We bring a global network and directly to our customers. With our global supply chain and partnerships with some of the world’s largest manufacturing groups, we can deliver your company’s exact needs, exactly when and where you need them.

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