Global Sourcing

Our decades of experience make your experience of global buying as easy as doing business next door.

Dynamic Partnerships

Nextier Sourcing, Nan Ya, and Formosa have been working together since 1984. Our decades of experience allow us to seamlessly integrate into your supply chain - simplifying the process of getting exactly what you need, when you need it.


Global Production

Formosa and Nan Ya’s production facilities span two continents, with locations in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the U.S. (Louisiana and Texas). For our customers, this solves the problem of supply chain continuity.


Product Diversity

A worldwide network guarantees the very best in product availability. We can offer more product options - in tailored quantities - to meet client needs and demands exactly.

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More Resources

More Resources

Our network has links all over the world.

Choice Products

Choice Products

An extensive range of high-demand product options.

Customized Service

Customized Service

Your supply needs, on your schedule.

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Our Values

Our customer guarantee - quality, vertical integration, and a streamlined supply chain - goes hand in hand with our commitment to corporate citizenship. Nextier Sourcing's supply network hits the best niche points between sustainability and economic development.



Vertical integration is good for business and the environment. Not only does Nextier Sourcing and FPG’s vertical network make for high quality products, it ensures transparency at every link in the supply chain.


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