Manufacturing Innovation

While providing the world with thousands of products every day, FPG has not lost sight of the future.

Vertical Integration

Formosa prioritizes vertical integration - from raw materials to finished products and delivery - and invests long-term in its resources. This includes saving energy, reducing emissions, and cross-company, cross-factory energy resources integration work.


Energy Innovation


When it comes to energy innovation, Formosa has developed unique strategies to reduce environmental impact. The group has invested in wind turbines and other green energy sources. At just one complex, over 4,652 energy saving projects saved 9.7 million tons of C02 emissions - equivalent to 1,298 million trees’ yearly carbon uptake.


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Water-Saving Technology

Formosa regularly introduces innovative projects to reduce water consumption. Measures like process water reduction and wastewater and rainwater recycling have resulted in water recycling rates as high as 98%. One FPG facility uses every drop of water 7.3 times. This reduces water consumption by 96.1 million tons per year - the amount consumed yearly by 1,053,000 people, or enough to fill 43,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Water Saving Tech

Artificial Intelligence

Formosa and Nan Ya are pioneers of factory innovation. Their cornerstone strategies include “lights out” factories powered by high-tech artificial intelligence. In many Formosa facilities, automated machinery has fostered exponential production growth.

High-Tech Solutions

High-Tech Solutions

FPG’s automation and “lights out” technologies make it a leader in production efficiency.

Green Energy

Green Energy

FPG invests in cutting-edge alternate energy and energy-saving strategies.

Factory Integration

Factory Integration

Well-connected facilities ensure top quality products and make the best use of time and resources.

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Our Values

Our customer guarantee - quality, vertical integration, and a streamlined supply chain - goes hand in hand with our commitment to corporate citizenship. Nextier Sourcing's supply network hits the best niche points between sustainability and economic development.



Vertical integration is good for business and the environment. Not only does Nextier Sourcing and FPG’s vertical network make for high quality products, it ensures transparency at every link in the supply chain.


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