Vertical Integration

FPG and NanYa's central manufacturing philosophy is to vertically integrate as many processes as possible under their wide ranging business entities. This allows them to control their own supply chain, manage costs, and meet quality and delivery expectations.

Naphtha Cracking Facility
Mailiao Complex, Taiwan

Naphtha is used primarily as a feedstock for the Naphtha Cracker and Aromatics plants to produce downstream petrochemical materials such as ethylene, propylene and aromatics.

In order to reduce the supply cost for the Cracking Project, FPG decided to build a refinery that is vertically integrated and supplies its own petrochemicals.


From Raw Materials to finished Products

FPG’s integration strategies lead to excellent products, regulated quality assurance, and quick production worldwide. Most importantly, vertical integration opens the door for reliable international sourcing and shipping.

vertical integration


Quality sourcing starts with quality education. We’re proud that our partnerships support the next generation of innovators.

Global Production

Global Production

Vertical integration smooths out the production process and erases the usual problems that come with worldwide manufacturing.

Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep Delivery

By working with innovative, efficient companies, we can guarantee our clients the best in product options and delivery services.

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Our Values

Our customer guarantee - quality, vertical integration, and a streamlined supply chain - goes hand in hand with our commitment to corporate citizenship. Nextier Sourcing's supply network hits the best niche points between sustainability and economic development.



Vertical integration is good for business and the environment. Not only does Nextier Sourcing and FPG’s vertical network make for high quality products, it ensures transparency at every link in the supply chain.


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